Friday, February 26, 2021

Picnic tables & Parking Lots

We would like to thank the City of Red Wing for renting us several of their picnic tables for us to use the remainder of the season. It should be a great spring skiing season and patio season this year. The snow is still abundant and the conditions are just awesome right now. 

We are also doing what we can do improve spring parking lot conditions. We have contracted with our neighbors Luhmans Construction to bring in a lot of material over the next few days. A lot of this is quality base material which we hope will improve the condition of parking for several seasons. Luhmans is working on the east end of the main lot today and will work on the west end next week. 

East quad chair up and running

Happy to report that the east quad chair is up and running as of Friday at 9am. Our third party testing procedures went very well this week.  I rode the lift several times this morning and I plan to ride it much more this afternoon once the bumps on Dud’s soften up a bit. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

East Quad Chair not operating weekend of Feb. 20-21

During the past week at Welch Village we had an incident occur on our East Quad lift that requires us, in accordance with lift standards and best practices in our industry, to perform further internal inspection, testing, and independent third party analysis before we are able to reopen the lift. We want to clarify that no one was injured as part of the incident, however, the East Quad lift will not be running this weekend due to the inspection, testing, and independent third party analysis that needs to occur. Our team has started performing our internal processes of inspection late this week, however, the third party that we have contracted to perform further analysis is not available until early next week. Inspections like this occur routinely by our team at Welch Village and within the ski and snowboard industry as a whole.

Chairlift safety is of the utmost concern at Welch Village, and we feel that it is the best decision to not run the East Quad until the entire inspection process is complete. We do understand that the timing of this inspection occurring over the weekend is not ideal as the East Ridge Double Chair will now be the only chairlift servicing the East Side slopes this weekend.

In response to being down this major chairlift this coming weekend, Welch Village made the decision to sell out of lift tickets for both Saturday and Sunday in order to help alleviate any congestion for our guests on the east side, specifically our season pass holders.

We have every intention of running the East Quad again later this season once all of the necessary routine inspection steps are complete, and we thank all of our guests for understanding.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

2021-22 Season Pass Sale

We are now selling season passes for the 2021-2022 season.  Like most things this season, season pass sales are only available online.  If you are considering a season pass for next season, this is always the lowest price available for unrestricted passes. These passes are about 40% off their regular rates.  The deadline is March 31st.   If you have questions about the sale, see our FAQ page here

If you are planning to buy a limited pass like a Night Pass, those will go on sale at their lowest rates this summer. 

If you currently don't have a season pass for this season, you can add a season pass for the rest of this season for just $59 (individual) or $159 (family pass) if you buy a season pass for next season right now. 

How long will we be open this season?
Similar to opening day, we don't have a set closing day at Welch Village because it's mostly dependent on mother nature and the weather. Usually/historically, we are able to stay open into mid-March or later.  Some seasons, like a couple of years ago, we had a cold March and were able to offer some bonus weekends in late March and we have even had bonus weekends in April.  We will try and keep the Village open as long as we can this season, but understand it is dependent on the weather and how long our snow sticks around.  Right now...there is no end in sight :)  We will do our best to stay open as long as possible. Keep in mind, I have three daughters who love to ski and get very angry at dad when we close...I have to answer to them at home when we close for the I myself am motivated to stay open as long as possible. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Indoor Jaxx Seating Tomorrow

We are going to carefully try indoor seating tomorrow at Jaxx. Here is what you can expect: 

- Reservations required. Make reservations at the outdoor window. First-come, first serve.  In-person only.
- Table limit of 4 only right now. Yes I know 6 is allowed. It will be 4 max to start. 
- Order at the bar, send one person from your party at a time to order. Please social distance while waiting to order.
- Guest must stay seated at their table, with their group, unless you are ordering or using the restroom.
- If guests are not staying at their table, we will ask your party to leave and go outdoors. 
- Masks must be worn when not seated. 
- One hour time limit per table
- A few more menu options than what's currently available at the outdoor windows.   
- Approx hours 11am-5pm for indoor table service this Saturday - Sunday.  Beyond? Stay tuned. 

We will see how this goes.  Depending on how it will continue. We are excited to offer this and we hope our loyal Jaxx guests enjoy this as well. 

Again, we are being conservative with the number of tables and taking small steps towards opening Jaxx in order to make our staff and customers safe.  Plus, the spaced out tables will give you a better view of the brand new carpeting! :) 

West Qaud is spinning

All of the new chair hangers have now been installed on the west quad chair and we ran the lift Thursday for a few hours. We plan to run both the west quad and the Lookout quad for most of Friday-Sunday. Again, restraining bars for both lifts should arrive in a week or so. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Indoor dining update

We now have some limited seating available for dining only in our main chalet. In accordance with the current executive order, there are several guidelines associated with this such as: 

- Table time limits (this is our call, we need to share the limited space available to us) 
- Outside food & beverage is prohibited
- Reservations required (in-person, first come first serve)
- Guests still need to boot up and store personal items in their vehicles. 
- Tables are reserved for those who have lift tickets on.  Again, due to limited capacity, indoor dining is reserved for those who are skiing & snowboarding. 

We are taking a conservative approach right now. Please be patient with us and our staff. Also, very limited capacity is allowed right now. The chalets are not simply "open" like before.   

We are still working on a plan for Jaxx. At some point, we are hoping to offer indoor table service on Wednesday-Friday. Weekends TBD. Stay tuned for updates coming soon. 

Per allowances made by MN Dept of Health, our lower level area in the chalet is now a Warm Up Zone with a capacity of 20. There are chairs but no tables. Food and drink is not allowed in this area. Again, personal items not allowed. 

We are happy and thankful that those who purchase our food and beverage will now have a place to eat and drink it indoors. We will need to take turns to use the limited space that is allowed to us.