Friday, June 28, 2013

What do you do all summer?

What do you guys do all summer?  That's a question we get frequently, and it's a good question.  On the business side, we usually host 10-20 weddings throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  This year we will have 18 weddings.  We spend most of the spring, summer, and early fall getting ready for winter.  There are daily projects our maintenance crew takes such as snowmaking equipment maintenance & repairs, erosion control, lighting & electrical improvements, chalet repairs, chairlift repairs and much more.  Right now, our staff is performing annual maintenance and repairs on all of our chairlifts which includes moving all chairs and testing clips and grips.  In some years, we are able to make more substantial/capital improvements to the area on a larger scale.  In recent years, we have added installed new chairlifts, added the Back Bowl, improved snowmaking, added onto the chalet etc.  I have posted some photos of these projects in recent years below.  The first photo below is the only photo from this year, taken this week, and relates to this summer's capital improvement for Welch Village.  We are currently making plans to build a state of the art maintenance facility in the land between the west end of the main chalet parking lot and the east chalet.  This will also mean the removal of the former maintenance shop.  We are also making plans for some additional exciting new things for 2013/14...stay tuned!

Future location of state of the art maintenance facility 
 New Lookout Chairlift 2010
 New Snowguns 2012
 Back Bowl Expansion 2008
 Back Bowl Chairlift 2008
 New Lookout Chairlift 2010

Snowmaking Pipe Expansion 2007

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