Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The New Shop

The weather is really cooperating this week.  There has been a steady stream of dump trucks hauling fill for our new maintenance shop project which we plan to complete sometime next year.  You will see by these photos where we getting all of this fill which will raise the new shop around 6 feet above the flood plain level.  We feel it's probably best to let this fill settle over the winter and then build the shop in the spring.  You will definitely notice the changes if you come down for our ski swap (Oct. 25-26).  We are also excited in how the hill will look between Bakke and Lookout once the old shop is removed next year.  There will also be a new road to the East Chalet built next year, this will be the last season the current road is used.

1 comment:

  1. Peter- Thanks for the updates. As an avid Welch Village skier, I'm very excited to see you making these capital improvements.. the Back Bowl, new Doppelmayr lifts, new Pisten Bulley 600W groomer, new shop...I'm sure the average Joe has no idea how many millions of $ the items I've just mentioned are costing. You're further differentiating yourself from the competition and giving us a great place to spend our ski days. We appreciate it and keep up the great work! -Ryan Hulshizer