Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last Night

The weather didn't cooperate last night for great snowmaking.  However, nights like last night are still productive because we were able to run our main water system, discover leaks, fix leaks etc.  The value of nights like last night enable us to test the system in order to gain confidence that it will be ready for when the colder days and nights do arrive.  Looking at the 7-day forecast, it looks promising early next week.  Check out the photo below...this is where snowmaking technology is headed and Welch Village is already moving forward.  We now have three "smart guns" that are equipped with weather stations.  These weather stations are monitored by our snowmaking team on this laptop.  Someday, we plan to automate the snowmaking system, including the pump station, so the system basically starts and stops on it's own according to the wet bulb temperature that is required.  There are a number of large resorts in the west and east that already have systems like this.

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