Sunday, December 8, 2013

Historical Snowmaking

We have made more snow at this point in the season than any other season in the history of Welch Village.  This is due largely to the cold weather we have experienced lately but it's also a testament to our snowmaking system that we have invested in every year for so many years. It's also a testament to our snowmaking staff and outside maintenance crew and their hard work, knowledge, and experience.  We have reached the point in a lot of areas where we are having to turn off the snow guns because the piles are just too big.  When the temperatures are this cold combined with the cold water from the Cannon River, our 4 snowcats simply cannot keep up with the volume of snow that our system can produce.  Snowmaking weather like this not only yields a higher volume of snow, it yields a better quality of snow for skiing and riding.  If you were out yesterday, you know what I am talking about. We are supposed to receive a few inches of natural snow today!  That will only make the snow conditions here even more exceptional than they already are.  Enjoy this classic Minnesota winter!

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