Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trails Closed Sunday too. Get ready for Grand Opening Weekend!

I just walked the trails and there are still too many places where it's too soft to ride.  These brand new trails are just taking a little too long to dry up right now. We are are going to stay closed Sunday and get ready for next weekend. Before making this decision I consulted with Trail Source our trail builders and talked to Adam project manager.  He walked the trails too and recommended staying off the trails for the weekend based up the amount rain we received.  They also stressed that these trails are in their most fragile state right now.  A year from now, things should dry up faster.  These are brand new trails...and....we received 4+ inches of rain Wednesday night and another downpour just yesterday.  Even though some of you maybe be disappointing, we will error on the side of caution and protect the trails.  We will spend next week repairing certain spots on the trails from this week's heavy rain and storms and get things in great shape for next weekend.  Remember, next weekend (July 28-30) we are open on Friday too from 3-7pm.

Trail Construction Update:  Even though we are closed this weekend, the good news is that trail construction is still happening at Welch Village this weekend! Trail Source is working all weekend on the next intermediate trail.  They are making great progress and hopefully with good weather next week, that trail could be ready for next weekend.  There are a couple photos below taken during construction of this next gravity flow trail.  It looks incredible! Please note, these pictures were taken just before all the rain on Wednesday.

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  1. Peter and all so disappointed that the rain is having such impact. I agree that it is best to ere on the side of caution.