Friday, February 19, 2021

East Quad Chair not operating weekend of Feb. 20-21

During the past week at Welch Village we had an incident occur on our East Quad lift that requires us, in accordance with lift standards and best practices in our industry, to perform further internal inspection, testing, and independent third party analysis before we are able to reopen the lift. We want to clarify that no one was injured as part of the incident, however, the East Quad lift will not be running this weekend due to the inspection, testing, and independent third party analysis that needs to occur. Our team has started performing our internal processes of inspection late this week, however, the third party that we have contracted to perform further analysis is not available until early next week. Inspections like this occur routinely by our team at Welch Village and within the ski and snowboard industry as a whole.

Chairlift safety is of the utmost concern at Welch Village, and we feel that it is the best decision to not run the East Quad until the entire inspection process is complete. We do understand that the timing of this inspection occurring over the weekend is not ideal as the East Ridge Double Chair will now be the only chairlift servicing the East Side slopes this weekend.

In response to being down this major chairlift this coming weekend, Welch Village made the decision to sell out of lift tickets for both Saturday and Sunday in order to help alleviate any congestion for our guests on the east side, specifically our season pass holders.

We have every intention of running the East Quad again later this season once all of the necessary routine inspection steps are complete, and we thank all of our guests for understanding.

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