Wednesday, February 5, 2014

World Class Coaching at Welch Village this Week

A few lucky kids are getting a taste of some world class race instruction this week at Welch Village.  These kids are being coached on world cup skiing technique from two of the best coaches in the world, Harald Harb and Diana Rodgers with Harb Ski Systems.  They are here coaching and filming Welch Village race athletes as young as 7 years old for their new race instructional video which will be released in the fall.  Welch Village was selected because of it's dedication to quality Direct Parallel ski instruction and race coaching via the PMTS Direct Parallel system, which was invented by Harb.  Harb and Rodgers have coached several past Olympic medalists and World Cup athletes.  They also still work with current World Cup skiers on the hill and off the hill at their ski shop in Colorado.  Welch Village is the only ski area in the country that is licensed to coach this system.  After two days of filming and coaching 7-10 year old D-Team racers, Harb and Rodgers will spend the next two days working with some older athletes who race in high school, D-team, and USSA.  The coaches will also be back at Welch Village this March for the annual PMTS Accreditation event.

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