Friday, February 24, 2017

Just south enough...

Welch Village is now the proud owner of a new foot of snow.  It snowed for most of the day and everyone here today had a blast. This was a real blessing for us.  We had a decent base on most of our runs but a foot of snow will really make a difference heading into March. Yes, we groomed a lot of the snow into the base overnight.  Why? Because it was heavy, wet, and wouldn't have been what you call "powder".  Plus, with the high winds, we wanted to keep as much snow as possible to stay open as long as possible.  We still left a lot of runs ungroomed and we plan to save some ungroomed stuff for tomorrow.  Pete's Pike, Dud's Dream, Sweeny, and portions of Chicken and the Back Bowl will not be touched by a snow cat tonight.  Join us this weekend.  Thanks to this storm, the snow conditions will be excellent everywhere.

Pics from today.  My 3 girls living the dream.  No school means going to "work" with Mom and Dad.


  1. It's a shame that Saturday and Sunday the front of the hill, Lookout, Wild Finale, and Bakkelyka is closed for racing. So a lot of the people will have to be skiing down to the east chalet and waiting in a long line....or skiing only Chicken. Close off half the decent runs, force the masses to the east chair and then you still will charge the full price of $56. Forces me to another ski area.

  2. Is there racing today too? Or are all runs open to everyone?