Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whoops we did it again!

I can't believe I just referenced a Brittany Spears song in my blog....please forgive me.

Yes, it's not a typo.  We are selling  2017/18 season passes now for a great price.  I don't like to use this blog to sell stuff.  I started this blog a few years ago now in an attempt to give you more glimpses through my eyes and offer a fresh perspective from me the GM and our talented team here at Welch Village.  So...let's look at the decision to sell passes for these prices....

A lot of you will remember the $99 season pass sale from 6 years ago.  The reasons we had to do that 6 years ago are very similar to the reasons we made this decision again.

We want to stoke the fire.  We want to get your attention.  We want to remind you that there isn't anything better in the winter than skiing & snowboarding.  We want these season pass prices to force you to put skiing & snowboarding BACK into the conversation.  You are bombarded many times daily with ways to spend your hard-earned money and TIME.  We want skiing and snowboarding to become part of your life.  Skiing and snowboarding is life changing.

This time around, we have teamed up with two local ski shop partners: Valley Bike and Ski in Apple Valley and Tyrol Ski Shop in Rochester.  We are hoping that you will not only buy a season pass, but you will buy some new gear as well!

We have issued an FAQ document that will answer a lot of the specifics of this season pass sale.  We are only going to sell a certain amount of season passes at these prices.  Sorry, only myself and a couple other key people at Welch know this number.  Don't worry, I think you have a little time to decide.  But don't take too much time.

Again, we are not selling season passes.  We are selling Joy.  According to my grandfather Leigh, " Deeper than Fun. "  And rumor has it, things may get a little deep around here later this week!

Yes, we still have snow. Skiing was great today.

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  1. Best deal in the midwest! Been a seasons pass holder for 6+ years!