Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Snow Report & Spring Season Pass Sale!!!

We have snow.  We have a lot of snow.  The snow we still have (which is a lot) is very fun to ski on right now. The snow we have will be around for a while yet.

A few things to keep in mind heading into President's Weekend:
  • The snow conditions are excellent.  We have a deep snow pack, the grooming crew is doing an amazing job right now, and we are 100% open. 
  • Don't miss the band, "Useful Jenkins", who will be performing this Saturday at 5pm in the Main Chalet.  The show is FREE and open to everyone.  This band was the headliner for our October Bakkelyka Brew Concert.  
  • Spring Season Pass Sale is happening very soon.  We will begin selling season passes for NEXT season early next week.  The prices will be announced soon....trust me, you will want to read your email this year 🙂
Did I mention we have a lot of snow?  Here are a few pictures from skiing today.  I took a few runs with Grandpa Leigh as well as 3 good-looking ladies I happen to know.  Happy Valentines Day and we'll see you this weekend...on the snow....because we have a lot of it. 


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