Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summertime in the Welch Valley

When it comes to summer tourism and recreation in our great state of Minnesota, most people instantly think about the lakes country to the north.  We like to think here in the Welch Valley that we have sort of a hidden gem in the summertime.  We recently dodged another flood this weekend thanks to 8+ inches of rain in the Faribault area.  When it rains that much in the Faribault, Owatonna, or Northfield area we get a little nervous because all of that water eventually makes it's way here via the Cannon River.  But, when the Cannon River is not flooding, it provides a beautiful addition to what we think is a unique and scenic area of our state and the entire Midwest.  I would encourage anyone who has only visited our area to ski or snowboard in the winter to stop down on a spring, summer or fall afternoon to enjoy what the area has to offer especially if you like to bike, canoe, kayak, ride motorcycle, fly-fish etc.  The Cannon Valley Trail is a wonderfully maintained paved bike path that stretches from Cannon Falls to Red Wing.  The trail takes you through meadows, wooded areas, and for several miles right along the Cannon River.   If you prefer something on and in the water, visit the Welch Mill Canoe and Tube downtown Welch.  They rent tubes, canoes, and kayaks.  When you're finished with your bike ride, water adventure, or fishing sure to stop by the Trout Scream Cafe in downtown Welch for ice cream. So if you don't feel like fighting traffic northbound to the lakes country some weekend in the summer, come down to Welch and bring your bike, your fly rod, and/or your swimming suit.  Enjoy your summer... (snowmaking is just a few months away!)

A crowded Welch Mill Canoe & Tube on a warm 4th of July.
 The Cannon Valley Trail looking West
 A view of Welch Village from Heidi's Hollow
 The Cannon Valley Trail looking east
 A view of the Belle Creek from Hwy 7 in betweenWelch and Vasa
 Thunderheads building above Bakke & Chicken