Friday, March 11, 2016

87 Days On Snow

For those of you who think that this winter was too short and you were not able ski or ride as much as you would have liked....think again.  Welch Village co-founder, owner, and my grandfather, Leigh Nelson (age 87), spent his 87th day on snow at yesterday.  Thank you to our Ski School Director Troy Carpenter for taking this photo quick.  Grandpa usually takes just a few runs a day.  It's important to him that he rides every chairlift that is running that particular day.  He also likes to test the snow conditions to see for himself how the snow is skiing and what the conditions are like.  So before you say things like, "I'm too old to ski" or "This winter was too short, I didn't get a chance to use my season pass", think of Leigh and this photo.  At age 87, he is still a die-hard skier.  He regularly skis with my three daughters, his great-grand daughters.  I plan on taking a few runs with him today myself, on his 88th day on snow.