Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015 Terrain Park Project Update

Most of the grading of the hill is complete and we are now in the process of finishing erosion control.  The photos of the new terrain park hill itself are very deceiving. Through the grading process, we have added quite a bit of pitch to the hill.  The grade is now a consistent 14-15% from top to bottom (ideal for free-style terrain & features).  Also in these photos, our erosion control measures include a large ditch lined with rip rap. This rip rap will only be visible during not winter months of course.  We will bury the rip-rapped ditch with snow for the winter. This was an area of the hill that has needed more erosion control attention for some time now.  This should help to channel large amounts of water on a desired pathway during periods of heavy rain.   This will also help with run-off during the spring melt, especially if we get a big rain during the melt.  Most of the soil in the terrain park area is sand.  Therefore, we have added a significant amount a of top soil material (and manure!) in order to establish vegetation growth asap. Snowmaking hydrants were also installed recently along with hundreds of feet of new pipe.  Next, the new rope tow!  Stay tuned!