Friday, February 26, 2016

Plenty of Snow

We have a deep snow pack still.  Very deep in many locations in fact and we also have snow reserves (big piles) we can use if need be.  I took several runs today and the snow conditions excellent.  Conditions are exceptional on runs like Bakkelyka and Lookout especially. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 degrees and sun.  Rest assured, it takes many 50 degrees days to close us down.  We are not going anywhere anytime soon!  We will need to move a little snow around on top but we will be just fine.  In fact, my friend Tom Novak with Novak Weather is telling me that next week the weather pattern is showing signs of getting colder and more wintery. Join us tomorrow for a great spring skiing day.  Stick around to hear Tim Mahoney at 4pm in the Main Chalet.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Despite what you are hearing from our local weather people on TV, all MN ski areas have plenty of snow...especially Welch Village, and we will be open for business despite the 40 degree weather. I don't know why they feel the need to repeatedly say things like "all of our snow will be gone" and "everything is going to melt" just because the temperatures may reach 40 degrees. We get it already. Snow melts when it gets warm. Frosty the Snowman proved that to us when he got locked in that greenhouse on Christmas Eve.

We have 60 plus inches of base right now.  In some places, the base is even deeper than that.  We may lose an inch of base over the weekend. The skiing and riding is fantastic and the snow base is deep.  No offense to the weather media, but ignore them and come skiing this weekend.  Can't they just tell us what their weather computer says without the drama?

A photo taken recently...winter isn't ending here anytime soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Throwdown & the Future

We are officially back into the terrain park world here at Welch Village.  Yesterday we held our first park competition event in the new terrain park. Thanks to all the competitors who joined us and a big thanks to our staff for their hard work and dedication to the make this first event in our new park such a huge success.  Finally, thank you to all of the sponsors of the event for donating all of the prizes. We wanted this event to be more of an open house/house warming type of event to welcome everyone into our new park and to thank our park riders who have stuck with us over the past few years.  This event would not have been possible without all the generous prize donations.  Thank you sponsors! Save the date March 12th....The Sunset Jam.

Also, we are going to restart our Free-Style D-Team next season.  If you are park skier or snowboarder and would like to join the Welch Team, let us know!  Send an email to  We already have coaches ready...all we need now are athletes.  Ages 8-17 welcome,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A good old-fashioned snow storm

We received about 8 inches of snow from yesterday's storm and the conditions today were (and still are) fantastic.  Our grooming crew skipped several runs last night including Chicken, Pete's Pike, Dud's Dream and several others.  Also, we didn't groom half of Bakkelyka and Lookout either.  I skied all morning before I realized that other things at my job needed attention as well.  The Back Bowl should be great on Friday morning if you are able to get here.  Very little back there will be groomed. Join this week or weekend if you can...the conditions are just great everywhere.  The forecast looks great for the next few days ahead with warmer temps and more natural snow.  The live music we started this year on Saturdays seems to be very popular.  This week, Travis & Drew are back and will be playing 4-6pm in the main chalet.  Grab something to eat and your favorite beverage from the Black Diamond.  There are more events on tap as well down at Madd Jaxx and also in the terrain park...stay tuned.  February and March in my view are the best months of the season...we'll see you on the slopes.