Thursday, February 18, 2016


Despite what you are hearing from our local weather people on TV, all MN ski areas have plenty of snow...especially Welch Village, and we will be open for business despite the 40 degree weather. I don't know why they feel the need to repeatedly say things like "all of our snow will be gone" and "everything is going to melt" just because the temperatures may reach 40 degrees. We get it already. Snow melts when it gets warm. Frosty the Snowman proved that to us when he got locked in that greenhouse on Christmas Eve.

We have 60 plus inches of base right now.  In some places, the base is even deeper than that.  We may lose an inch of base over the weekend. The skiing and riding is fantastic and the snow base is deep.  No offense to the weather media, but ignore them and come skiing this weekend.  Can't they just tell us what their weather computer says without the drama?

A photo taken recently...winter isn't ending here anytime soon.

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