Friday, May 25, 2018

MTB Update: New Trail Building & Trail Work

Lots to talk about mountain bike fans!

It's almost like we went from winter straight to summer around here and and as result, most of us down here at Welch, including this guy, has been outside getting trails ready and other things ready for MTB season.  So here is a quick rundown of where we are at:

Trail work
Our crew has been out getting all of last year's trails ready for this year.  Happy to say they survived their first MN winter pretty well!  However, we still have some work to do make sure they are up to snuff for opening day...we want them to look & ride as good as they did last year.  I just walked all of the new trails today to see how they held up with their first test last night, storms w/and 1.5 inches of rain.  They held up great, I was very happy :)

New Trails
Pathfinder Trail Building is about 2 weeks into trail construction already and we love what we see so far.  Here are the new trail projects for this year involving Pathfinder:

~   Completely new re-route of all all the mountain bike trails on the far eastern side of the park.  For those of you familiar with our slopes or trails from last year, we re-routed all the trails off the ski run Harley's Hollow and into a big ravine to the west.  The trails will only cut across Harley's one time via a really big (a fun to ride!) berm.  All riders will converge on this new and wide trail and cross the ravine a couple different times via 2, possibly 3 wooden bridges.

~ New Green Trail.  This trail is nearly complete and it looks really, really, awesome.  The goal was simple, build a trail for all ages & all ability levels.  Last year, the end of the green trail Joy Ride ended up being a little too advanced for novices.  We are confident that this trail will be much more accessible for varying abilities.  Pretty sure my wife and 3 daughters will spend most of the summer on this trail.  Name for this trail is TBD.  Stay tuned.

~ Eagle Eye: Technical Blue Trail with wood and rock features.  This will be a trail that avid mountain bikers will love at first sight.  This will be a trail that is unique to this area.  For those who like to send it...this will be your new favorite!

~ New skills B-Lines.  More info coming soon on this project coming later!

Opening Day & Passes
Opening Day is Saturday June 16th; season passes are on sale now at

New! MTB Lessons this year...
We are hosting a PMBIA MTB coach accreditation event at the end of June.  We will have several certified MTB coaches after this event.  MTB lesson info will be released very soon.

Below are a bunch of picture of trail work and new trail construction.  More coming next week...have a great Memorial Weekend!