Friday, January 22, 2016

All of the above

Why is Welch Village special right now?  

A. The Back Bowl is 100% with plenty of great snow.  Back in early December, we were wondering if we would open the Back Bowl in 2015/16.  Nevermind.  It's awesome right now. The Back Bowl is a difference maker. 

B. Our new terrain park is a hit.  Ben, our park manager, his hard-working crew, and our snowcat operators just finished many consecutive hours of park building creating a new setup.  The new setup combined with the tow rope is offering a completely new free style experience at Welch this winter. Remember, this is just year one in our new terrain park plan!  

C. The conditions on our "bread & butter" slopes Lookout, Bakkelyka, and Dan's Dive has never been better. 

D. Despite the warmest December on record, the snow conditions everywhere on our 60 runs is fantastic right now. 

E. All of the Above. 

Answer Key:  E is the correct answer.

In all seriousness, join us and enjoy winter at Welch Village.  Our staff has worked hard to offer a great experience for you and your family.  There is something for everyone right now and plenty of great snow. 

Pictures taken the afternoon of Jan 22.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lots of Snow and the Back Bowl

We are making a lot of snow all over the ski area right now.  This cold weather enables us to make a huge amount of snow in a short time. We are concentrating our efforts on areas like Lookout, Bakkelyka, Dud's Dream, the beginner area, terrain park and many other areas that we opened weeks ago but need more base or more snow in certain areas. Speaking of the Back Bowl...we are planning to open it this FRIDAY! At this point, assuming we don't have any setbacks with snowmaking or snowcats, we are hoping to have about 4 runs ready by late morning...stay tuned. There is no shortage of snow right now in the Back Bowl. In fact, there is so much snow that it's going to take a few days for our snowcat operators to push it around and get all the runs ready.  But for you Back Bowl fans, your wait is over, you will be able to ski & ride it starting this Friday.
Please Note:  Terrain Park will be closed this week through 4pm Thursday for snowmaking.