Friday, December 20, 2013

Great Skiing & The Weather People

The snow conditions right now are outstanding.  The Back Bowl opened today and there is a of snow back there.  We should have most of the bowl open this weekend along with just about every other run area-wide.  The crowds have been a little on the small side so far this season probably due to the colder temperatures.  Those of you who have been here this season have been rewarded with excellent snow conditions and a great experience.  I coached 7-year old racers all weekend last weekend in the colder temperatures.  We took frequent breaks but skied for 4 hours each day.  All of the kids and the coaches had a blast and enjoyed the great snow the first week of D-Team. Please be careful when watching and listening to our local weather people on TV.  They tend to scare people away from outdoor winter recreation anytime the temperatures get into the teens and single digits.  Trust me, if you go skiing or snowboarding at 8 or 9 degrees and dress appropriately you will still have a great experience.  We live in Minnesota, the seasons change and it's gets cold and it's very normal in this part of the country. Grab a friend or family member this winter and introduce them to skiing or snowboarding.  If you know one, grab a weatherman!

Photos taken this week:

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