Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Snowmaking Outlook

I just checked in with our snowmaking crew this evening as they were performing their final checks & tests of the equipment. We were targeting this Saturday evening to start making snow but the forecast has now changed and the temperatures appear to be too warm.  However....if the current forecasts hold true for early next week, we are hoping to begin making snow on Monday evening.  In fact, most of the next week looks outstanding for snowmaking.  Right now, it appears that we may get at least one day, maybe two, where the high temps stay under 32 degrees for a high.  That could mean significant snow production.  Things can change at anytime this time of the year so it would still be a good idea to keep your expectations in-check.  There are also some weather systems coming in early next week which could affect snowmaking weather here. 

We will be targeting most of our snowmaking efforts on Lookout, Harley's Hollow, and Fowl Play in the first week or so. It's still too early to forecast an opening day. With that being said,  I think it would be a good idea to make sure your equipment is waxed and tuned.  It won't be long now. 

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