Friday, December 18, 2015

We're back!

I have to admit, things were looking pretty depressing just a few days ago.  After record warmth and rain this month, we took a good kick to the stomach last Sunday and Monday.  Things are looking a lot better now.  What a difference a few days of cold weather makes.  We had a good night of snowmaking last night and we expect a great night tonight.  Our crew is doing a fantastic job of making as much snow as possible during this brief period cold weather before the holidays.  There are some huge piles of white snow all over and our snow cat drivers are starting to blade them out and groom some trails.  Beginning Wednesday night, we started concentrating our snowmaking efforts on our "bread & butter" runs on the east and west slopes as well as the beginner area and terrain park. We are hoping to have 10 runs open by 4pm Friday and 15 runs open Saturday.  By about 1pm, our new rope tow should begin spinning in the terrain park.  Runs opening this weekend should be Dan's Dive, Twister, Coulee, Nanny's Nob, Anna's Alley, and hopefully Leapin Liz and Triple R.

Please be advised:  Expect snowguns running all weekend this weekend.  If the temperatures allow, we will be making snow on open runs while we are open.  This may be our last chance to make snow before the holidays.


  1. Terrain Park is great! Rope tow is a great addition too! Just one comment: The gap jump at the bottom of the park has too large a gap (knuckle) for the given in-run pitch and distance (especially for snowboarders who can't skate). Check this link out:

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