Friday, February 10, 2017

Phone Calls

We are currently receiving phone calls asking the following questions: "Are you still open?" "Do you still have snow?" "Will you have any snow left next week"? "What is the snow like there, really slushy"?

The snow conditions are incredible right now.  Today could have been the best day of the year so far in terms of snow conditions and grooming quality. Of course I made some turns with my lovely wife which always makes the experience better.  But still, the snow was perfect.

The weather people on TV are already getting wild and crazy about the warm temps this weekend and next week.  I'm so glad that certain meteorologists remind me that snow melts when the air temperature exceeds 32 degrees.  I would like to personally thank Ken Barlow and Dave Dahl on KSTP for the job they do.  They do an outstanding job of not sensationalizing the weather and always presenting the weather in a straightforward, journalistic way. Belinda Jenson on Kare11 is also one of our favorites.

It's still early February and we have plenty of great skiing and riding ahead of us at Welch this year. Join us this weekend and bring a friend!  

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