Friday, July 14, 2017

Important Info for MTB Opening Weekend

Welch Village becomes a chairlift-served mountain bike park tomorrow and a new era begins.  If you are planning on being one of the first to try our new MTB Park out this weekend or in the weeks following we have a few things we would like to tell you.

  • First and foremost, this is the first time we have done this.  Therefore, we are going to try several new things this first year.  For example, this weekend we will offer a basic food menu. Don't be surprised if we change things quite often.  We are just getting to know the MTB crowd.
  • Please read the MTB rules,safety information, and orientation guide on our website before visiting. 
  • We only have 2 trails open right now.  Please know that the trails may be busy at times.  Hoping to have a third in about 2 weeks.  A fourth a few weeks after that. 
  • Please read the signs around the trails and park.  Caution and Slow signs are there for your safety. 
  • This is just year one.  We have a lot more planned in the future for the Welch MTB Park.  This is just the beginning.  
  • Lastly...Have a blast!  
We are ready for you....see you tomorrow.  

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