Friday, January 19, 2018

Bumps, Dud's, and Snow!

The temps are finally warm enough for our snowcats to push a little snow around and start some moguls.  We also have fresh snow in the forecast...perfect time to start up some moguls!  I am a big mogul fan personally.  I skied some great moguls at A-basin last week.  Moguls fans are well aware that our Minnesota Moguls are different than those in the mountains...we just don't receive enough fresh natural snow on a regular basis like mountain ski resorts receive.  We are going to try something new this year.  For this weekend, there will be a mogul field on Wild Finale (far skier's right of Lookout).  We are getting high praise from a host of skiers and riders who are loving Dud's Dream groomed.  Dud's Dream also provides another intermediate slope on the east side which is relieving some congestion on the popular Harley's Hollow.  Having Dud's groomed right now is almost like adding a brand new slope.  So we are going to leave Dud's groomed for a little longer.  We may put moguls on Dud's, we may not.  At some point in late February, we are going to try moguls on Dan's Dive.  Hopefully, all of our guests will embrace these changes and enjoy them.  I will also need help tomorrow afternoon on Wild Finale breaking in the new bumps....who is with me?  I bet this pictured below will be there....

By the way...with the snow coming overnight Sunday and into Monday.  Those of you who work on Monday will still have a chance to ski the fresh snow. We don't open until 3pm on Monday and I have given our grooming crew instructions to leave a lot ungroomed.  Even if you show up in the evening, these areas should be less "skied out".   Join us at 3pm to ski some fresh snow.  We may also leave some spots ungroomed past Monday which will create additional natural mogul areas. 

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