Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A good night

We had great snowmaking weather last night.  It was evident this morning just by looking at the piles of snow that were created.  As I left the area yesterday around 5pm, the temperatures were just beginning to drop to about 20 degrees.  This morning at 7:30am, it was about 10 degrees and clear...almost ideal conditions.  We are hoping to keep the guns on throughout the day today and overnight again.  Right now, most of the action is centered on Heidi's Hollow, Lookout, and Harley's Hollow.  However, there are guns on all over in places like Foul Play, Bakke, Chicken and more.  We were pumping water over 3,500 gpm this am.  Anytime we can get this kind of around the clock snowmaking this early in November it's a big deal.  It's still too early to starting using the "O" word.  It's supposed to warm up again later in the week so we may leave the piles intact.  However, there appears to be snowmaking weather in next week's forecast as well.  If you have purchased a pass for this year yet...we urge you to do so soon. 

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