Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tonight could be the night

Our crew is getting guns, hoses, and everything into position to possibly begin snowmaking (for real) tonight depending on the weather.  We really need temps at 25 degrees with lower humidity to make decent snow.  It also helps to have a west or NW wind.  Recently we turned a couple of guns using water from a well.  Tonight (weather permitting) we will turn on the full system.  As we get ready to use our full snowmaking system, I thought it would be a good time to give you a brief snowmaking lesson on the size of our system and it's capabilities.  We built our snowmaking pond, which is connected to the Cannon River, in 2001.  We also built our pumping station and installed three 250 horse-power pumps at that time.  These pumps, at the time, gave us the capability to pump water at 2500 gpm.  We then added two 400 hp pumps in 2003...enabling us to pump water from the river at times over 4200 gpm.  We can also add to that...flow from the east side for another 1100 gpm...which produces a 5000 gpm capability.  All of this water is distributed through an extensive and complex underground piping system.  As a result, a huge portion of the capital investments we make are things that people never see.  What you do see however is the snow!   The water from the Cannon River is  very cold which enables us to be more efficient and make more snow.  If you are up late tonight, or up early tomorrow morning, take a look at our webcam.  You may be able to watch our snowmaking system create winter from the comfort of your home!



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