Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Still skiing - March 8th

Despite another streak of 60+degree days, severe thunderstorms, and a couple days of extreme wind, we are still skiing at Welch Village. In fact, at this point, we haven't had to close any runs! I took a few runs today, the snow conditions are still great. We still have tons of snow. The snow on Bakke and Lookout are the best. The east side slopes are exposed to more sun this time of year so the snow is a little softer over there.  How long will we stay open?  As long as we can.  Right now, staying open until March 18th appears to a lock.  Can we stay open past that...maybe...that's up to Mother Nature. At this point, we plan to be 100% open for this coming weekend, and that includes the Back Bowl.

Pond Skip:  Yes, we are still having it this Saturday at 1pm.  It won't be the first time we have had the pond skip with temps in the 20's.  We are not taking the risk that the weather will change so we are not moving the date.  We also have a great band scheduled that can't change the date. So..if you want to skip the pond (or watch), Saturday is your chance! See you then..

Proof that it's still winter at Welch Village:

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