Friday, March 10, 2017

We are still open...for now

We will keep the ski area open as long the weather (and guests) allow.  By guests, I mean you.  People who like to ski and snowboard.  This is your last change to enjoy winter so make the most of it now. This will be your last chance for 7 months to enjoy our snow.  Snow that we have made for you.  The snow is fantastic right now everywhere. I recommend taking a couple of runs on Dud's Dream.  There are no bumps now, just groomed goodness.  It's really fun to arc some big turns on Dud's right now.

Every run is open.  Winter is still here.  We are 100% open.  Thank you to all of you who are still showing up to enjoy the slopes with us.

Pond Skip Saturday is tomorrow.  It's also 80's day at Jaxx. We will have two fire pits going and Jason our chef will have burgers and brats grilling outside (and Greek Gyros on the spit)!  It should be a great day and weekend.

P.S.  We are in a Winter Storm Watch on Sunday!

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  1. I skied Friday March 10 and the snow is still great. A little cold, but surprisingly fully covered on the runs!