Monday, June 12, 2017

Chairlift bike carriers arrive | MTB trip up north

Today our brand new Deason Built MTB carriers arrived and they are pictured below.  Click Here to see a youtube video of what these look like while in use.  Our setup will be slightly different but very similar to what you see here.  Also, Tony or Financial Controller and Nate our Mountain Ops. Manager accompanied me this past weekend on a quick 2-day trip where we rode both Spirit Mountain and Detroit Mountain Recreation Area.  If was really fun to ride with these guys and see the other chair-lift served MTB parks in the state.  Both of these operations do a fantastic job and I highly recommend visiting both of them at some point.  We can't wait to become part of the MN downhill bike park family very soon....


  1. This is brilliant! Im so stoked for this! Grew up riding welch, got my first job there. Now I'll be back to mtb! Thanks for putting the time, effort, and money into making this! Stoked for the quick drive from Cannon Falls vs the long haul to Spirit!