Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Blue Trail Work; Planning the Black trail

Thanks to the great weather lately, work is progressing well on Air Bear the blue/blue+ jump trail. More berms and more jumps have been sculpted in the dirt and they get bigger as you progress down the trail!  The overall landscape in and around this trail is just beautiful inside the canopy of trees and big ferns.  We are blessed to be able to offer our guests another way to use this property  This trail should be nearly complete within a week or so.  Next week, work should continue on Joy Ride the green trail.  This morning we walked the flag line for our first black level trail.  For those of you familiar with Welch Village, this trail will start at the very top of our property and come downhill first through the woods on skier's left of Long Way Home and then at some point travel through the woods on below the #1 quad chair and along the right side of Jon Jon/Sweeny.

More updates coming again soon.  Also be on the lookout for an email from us soon detailing exciting season pass options for both summer and winter!



  1. Will the black be bigger jumps out rocks. An Aline or a goats gully?

    1. Still undecided right now. Good chance it has some rocks and jumps.