Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday morning update - 11/13/17

Snow guns are still going strong at the time of this post (about 9am).  The piles are getting bigger, a lot bigger.  I took just a few photos from out in front of the main chalet and towards the terrain park area.  No snowmaking for the next few days as a warm front settles in.  We are keeping our eye on Friday's weather especially the chance for a decent amount of rain.  The rain on on Friday will determine whether we choose to open this coming weekend or not.  Long story short, we don't want compromise a opening with great conditions on Thanksgiving weekend.  We won't know if we are going to open this weekend until probably Friday. We will continue to give you updates throughout the week.  Either way, Thanksgiving weekend is shaping up to be an awesome skiing & riding weekend this year.  Our view is this....anytime we are able to ski in MN before Thanksgiving is a bonus.  Our crew is working hard to get Welch Village open as soon as possible.


  1. What's Welch's uphill travel policy? :)

    1. We do not allow uphill travel at all. Pretty rare in the Midwest, especially MN.

    2. I was kidding about uphill travel at Welch. I'm just excited for the season to begin!