Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Snowmaking Update Nov. 8th

Considering it's only the 8th of November, we had a good night of snowmaking last night. As of 9am this morning, the guns are still on.  Forecast calls for clouds most of the night tonight which may delay things a bit, but we will make snow again tonight.  And from the looks of the forecast, the guns may stay on through Thursday and into Friday sometime.  On Friday, the winds switch back from the east.

Let's be real here.  It's only Nov. 8th.  I/we are well aware that a couple other ski areas "opened" a couple of weeks ago and another ski area or two might "open" this weekend.  Welch Village will not be opening this weekend.  It's our philosophy to wait and open for skiing & riding when we know we can offer you a good experience.  We are concentrating our efforts right now on Lookout, Long Way Home,  Harley's Hollow, the Terrain Park and couple other areas.  When we open, we plan to offer you a great skiing experience if possible.

With the warmer temperatures and chance of rain in the forecast this weekend and next week, we are choosing to leave our large piles of snow alone.  Once the snowcats blade those piles out, we are much more at risk of losing the snow we would have made this week when the temps rise and if it rains.

After Friday morning, we don't see much snowmaking weather next week.  This is our chance this week!  We are going to make as much snow as possible this week and then turn our eyes towards a week from this weekend.  These pics were taken this morning.

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  1. I think you are making te right decision but there are postings on the internet form several places that say you will have some run or runs open on Friday. I hope everyone reads the official data directly from you and does not make a trip only to be disappointed. I do assume this is the spot with te latest data.