Saturday, November 4, 2017

We are ready

We are targeting tomorrow night (Sunday, 11/5) to start snowmaking if the current forecast holds true and we get some temps in the 20's.  I am hoping we can start some guns around 8pm.  If the skies are clear all night, that would really make a big difference in the amount of snow we can make.  The recent cold weather has hopefully cooled the water temps in the river which would also help a lot.  The forecast this week looks really good right now.  Hopefully, we can make snow several nights this week!  Have your phone, tablet etc handy tomorrow night just in case you get an alert from Welch Village live on Facebook.


  1. That would certainly kill the awful weather that has been around lately. The lack of sun is no fun. On the other hand if your prediction holds and you can really start snow-making this early it is a great start that has not occurred for some time.

  2. Peter,

    My name is JW Cox, I’m a reporter with Minnesota News Network. I was hoping to speak with somebody about the start of snow making and whether or not that is earlier than normal with the below normal temps so far.

    Feel free to give me a call in the newsroom at 952-545-6660 if you have time to chat.